History has repeated itself. The ancient Christians of the Middle East are being attacked by their neighbors. They are killed, deported, and forced into conversion while their women and children are raped and sold in the sex slave markets in Iraq and Syria. Yet another genocide is in the horizon-the fifth genocide in less than a century. The Christian Assyrians-the predominant Christian population in both Iraq and Syria-have formed militias and have armed themselves to defend their families and what is left of their honor. Unsupported by the international community, outnumbered and lacking the necessary weapons to fight back, the Assyrians must now depend on their Christian faith, loyalty, and integrity to face a ruthless enemy. Battle drums echo throughout the land as war is on the horizon. It is a historic battle of good versus evil that will determine the future of the Christian Assyrians in the Middle East.

About the Author

Amir Amiri is an Assyrian Christian born in Iran. His first novel, 'A Bold Awakening', portrays his deep faith and patriotism. Amir is also a teacher by nature and loves to teach by telling stories like Jesus did. This novel brings together his faith, patriotism, and storytelling skills in a captivating fashion. While his writing teaches his readers about the history of the Assyrian people and their struggles, it also keeps them entertained. He hopes to write more and is already thinking ahead about his next novel. For more information please browse the site or click on Facebook Icon above.

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